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How to Become the Best Property Manager in 2023

Canada is truly becoming a renters nation and real estate investors across Canada are looking for help. Like any career path there can be many pathways to success in becoming the best of the industry. We've been in the business of property management for a long time so let us pass down these tips to help you become the best property manager in 2023.

Get licensed

Depending on your province this may be an essential step. In Canada provinces such as BC, AB, SK, and MB they do require a property managers license in order to conduct certain industry activities. The license will further your education about real estate, as well as outline any particular regulations that are applicable. In our other provinces such as ON, NS, PEI, NFL and NWT there are resources found through landlord/ tenant groups, government services or some economic development centers.

Attend continuing education

“The best leaders are lifelong learners; they take measures to create organizations that foster and inspire learning throughout. The most effective leaders are those who realize it’s what you learn after you know it all that counts most.”- John Wooden

It's true! The best professional in any industry also has an insatiable thirst for continuing education. It keeps their minds sharp and they are always on top of industry changes & trends. Property management has advanced substantially over the last few years. New technologies have emerged, government laws have been introduced and there have been shifts in consumer habits. There are many facets that make property management an exciting career path! The best property managers are engaged with their provincial councils, community events and are passionate about learning all angles of the industry.

Align yourself with a great brand

We as customers appreciate the trust we have with certain brands. Think about brands like McDonalds, Adidas, Telus, etc. We know we can rely on these brands for a consistent product or service experience. Now there are great local brands that you may be familiar with. But the best property managers have recognized that there are already established brands that also come with other benefits when aligning themselves. Real Property Management franchisees and their employees can take advantage of established operating systems & processes, continued specialized training, trusted partnerships to help meet new clients and a network of property managers across the country for peer to peer learning.

Start a property management business

The best property managers want to grow themselves and a team to become the best property management office in town. As the economy advances it can leave gaps in the industry. Property managers are well positioned to identify these gaps and come together with solutions to help their investors and residents. That's where we've seen the inspiration for some of our franchisees. They have worked hard as a property manager for several years and now want to help other property managers with succeeding. One of the more profitable ways down this career path is to open a property management business. They can take the knowledge and experience that they have learned while utilizing tools and the RPM brand to leverage their business further.

There are absolutely more traits and attributes into what makes a great property manager. But that's just it! This industry can be rewarding and exciting for anyone who loves relationship building, problem solving and being the heart of their community. It truly does take an exceptional person to make the best property manager but we've seen it many times within our system! If you are ready to be one of the best in your community, reach out to our franchise success associates today to get started.



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