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Move For Mental Health: RPM's Commitment to Breaking The Stigma Around Mental Health

As a part of its ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of its staff, clients, and community, Real Property Management, Canada's leading property management franchise, has celebrated the success of their 'Move for Mental Health' initiative.

In a move to break down the stigma associated with mental health, Real Property Management used the month of June 2023 to encourage its national franchise community to engage in physical activities, emphasizing mental health as a priority, and inspiring offices to create safe and supportive environments for their staff.

"Mental health is as important as physical health. It's integral to the overall wellbeing of individuals and communities. We're determined to create a non-judjmental space for our franchisees and their employees where they can openly express their mental health concerns, if they want to" stated Carla Browne, President of Real Property Management LP. "We believe that our offices, in turn, will carry forward this culture of understanding and support to their property investor clients and tenants."

This inspiring approach not only created a wave of awareness within the RPM network but also ignited a broader conversation about mental health in communities across Canada. In partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), the company's charity of choice, Real Property Management seeks to leverage its influence in the industry to drive significant, lasting change.

Recognizing that mental wellbeing is a crucial part of success in any aspect of life, including real estate investment and property management, the company strives to extend this supportive environment to all its stakeholders.

This commitment to mental health and wellbeing doesn't stop with the 'Move for Mental Health' challenge. The company continues to explore and implement strategies to maintain a culture where everyone— from franchisees to property investors, and tenants — can feel understood, supported, and encouraged to take steps towards improved mental health.



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