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Real Property Management LP Welcomes New Franchisee, RPM Wealth Builders, to its Expanding Network on The East Coast.

Toronto, ON, Canada - RPM Home Office is thrilled to announce the latest expansion of its franchise network with the addition of RPM Wealth Builders in Toronto, Ontario. This new team, comprising Vince Gaetano, George Hugh, Rolando Sardellitti, Xavier Chan, and Armando Sardellitti, brings a wealth of experience and a comprehensive suite of services to the Greater Toronto Area's real estate investors.

RPM Wealth Builders is not just another addition to our network; they are a seasoned assembly of professionals dedicated to creating a unique "one-stop shop" for investors aiming to enhance their real estate portfolios. Their expertise spans securing financing, purchasing properties, and developing strategies to optimize investment returns. The decision to launch a Real Property Management office aligns perfectly with their goal of completing their service offerings, especially in response to increasing demands for professional and reliable property management.

What sets RPM Wealth Builders apart is their enthusiasm for the transformative power of real estate in wealth creation. They are keen on providing investor clients with much-needed relief from the often overwhelming responsibilities of property management. By reducing this hassle, they aim to encourage more investors to participate in the market, which is crucial in addressing the critical shortage of rental housing in the Greater Toronto Area.

"At RPM, we are dedicated to redefining the standards for residential property management in Toronto. Our comprehensive service experience guides clients through the entire lifecycle of an investment property. From purchasing and financing to enhancing return on investment through strategic improvements or repurposing, as well as the ongoing management of the property, we've got it all covered," states the RPM Wealth Builders team.

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Vince, George, Rolando, Xavier, and Armando of RPM Wealth Builders into the RPM franchise community. Their dynamic approach and deep industry expertise are a perfect match for our vision at RPM. Together, we are set to redefine property management in Toronto, offering innovative solutions and exceptional service. This collaboration is not just an expansion; it's a leap towards transforming the real estate landscape in Canada," expressed Chiyoko Kakino, Executive Vice President of RPM Canada.

For those in the greater Toronto area seeking exceptional property management services, visit for further details. Join us in welcoming RPM Wealth Builders to our thriving community, as we continue to expand our network and set new benchmarks in the property management industry.

About Real Property Management

Real Property Management Limited Partnership ( is a residential property management master franchisor with complete rights to the Real Property Management brand in Canada. 

Real Property Management is the largest residential property management company in North America, managing tens of thousands of properties for individuals, investors and institutions throughout the continent. For the past 35 years, Real Property Management has refined and streamlined the business of property management for the benefit of our clients.

With over 400 locations throughout North America, Real Property Management are the leaders in property management. Entrepreneur Magazine ranked us #1 in Property Management, and Forbes recognized Real Property Management as a Top 10 Franchise, $0-$150,000 investment. In addition, we have been ranked in the Franchise 500 for seven consecutive years, and the Inc 500 for four consecutive years. We have also earned awards for franchise worthiness for veterans and for franchisee satisfaction. 

Real Property Management’s purpose is to continuously elevate property management standards in a professional and consistent manner. 

Real Property Management is proudly part of the Charlwood Pacific Group (CPG) 

The Charlwood Pacific Group (CPG) is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with an impressive track record of building successful franchise organizations.  

CPG owns the International and/or country exclusive franchise rights to leading brands in the real estate and travel industries. These include:

  • Century 21 Canada Limited Partnership (Canadian Master Franchise Holder)

  • Century 21 Asia-Pacific (Master Franchise Holder along with Century 21 Taiwan): Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia

  • Uniglobe Travel International Limited Partnership (Global Headquarters and License Holder)

  •  Centum Financial Group Inc. (Global Master Franchise Holder and Founder – currently operating in Canada)

  • Real Property Management LP (Canadian Master Franchise Holder – and with rights to Germany, Mexico, France and Spain)

Collectively, these organizations have 1,759 franchised outlets with 22,000 employees in 67 countries.



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