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The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon: Business Coaching

Entrepreneurs have a strength and confidence about them that’s undeniable. They must, though, because they’re forging a solo path without any assistance along the way, right? Wrong. Entrepreneurs are not only strong and confident, but intelligent and aware, too—they know the power of a team, and are always looking to improve (both themselves and their business). They surround themselves with capable, inspiring, thought-provoking people who challenge them and help them grow. One of the most beneficial people to have on that team? A business coach.

When we think about ‘coaching’, we inevitably envision sports activities. While that may be the common or initial thought, personal and business coaching is an enormous field. In the same way Phil Jackson coached the 1990’s Chicago Bulls to six championships in eight years, entrepreneurs and business leaders take their performance and success to new levels by working with a coach. There are myriad ways this is experienced, and I’ll highlight a few to consider:


Entrepreneurs and leaders hold those who work with them accountable for the growth and success of their business. But who holds the entrepreneur accountable to themselves and their own growth? Left unchecked, that responsibility falls to the entrepreneur. Many can diligently keep themselves on-track and on-target without assistance, but most of us allow things to slide over time. A coach serves as the premier accountability ‘buddy’, challenging an entrepreneur to maintain their pace and commitments while challenging them to excel. Entrepreneurs naturally gravitate towards challenge, and there’s a unique feel to it when it’s presented from an external source. Your coach is there to celebrate wins with you, but their focus is on aiding you to get those wins in the first place—and they do so by holding you accountable.

Goal Setting and Inspiration

The language of coaching is unique, as the questions and dialogue inherent to the practice are meant to stimulate solution and growth. Entrepreneurs are incredible problem-solvers, but they’re human, too, and run into roadblocks. Like all of us, entrepreneurs themselves are the most common source of those roadblocks. Coaches help entrepreneurs get out of their own way so that the focus can be on success—inspiring new ideas and thoughts by offering a slightly different perspective. Goal setting is also powerfully informed by coaches, as they not only challenge entrepreneurs to set even higher bars for themselves but assist in breaking those goals down into steps—the main factor in taking action towards achieving them.

Unbiased Insight and Perspective

Coaches are not invested in an entrepreneur’s business, but they are invested in an entrepreneur’s success. An outside, third-party perspective allows coaches to view a business in an unbiased way, and they are often able to see things someone who is working in and on their business do not. They offer constructive criticism and support to entrepreneurs, not because they ‘know better’, but rather, because they can see the business from the role of an observer without direct or emotional involvement.

In my role as Franchise Business Coach for Real Property Management, I have the incredible pleasure of meeting with each franchisee on a one-to-one basis. Planning, strategy, success, solutions, and new ideas happen in every single meeting, and our franchisees excel at a higher level because they invite additional insight, perspective, and support by working together. All our franchisees are more than capable of reaching phenomenal heights on their own, but with a coach there to encourage, challenge, inspire, and hold them accountable to themselves and their own success, they’re better for it.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of working in the dynamic and growing field of property management—and teaming up with a very enthusiastic coach invested in your success—reach out to us today to learn more!



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