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Want to know more about our franchising opportunities in your area? 
Get in touch! 

Start Up

Our dedicated franchise success associate will meet with you on a weekly basis to ensure your office is set up with the right systems, tools and staff in place to become one of the top trusted advisors in your market.



Become the heart of your community by announcing the opening of your operations with the help and support of the RPM community and brand behind you. With templates, guides and preferred vendors in place, getting to know the investors in your community is one of the first steps needed to grow your business.


Year One

The first year of any business can come with its ups and down but Real Property Management franchisees can take advantage of peer to peer learning, structured continuing education programs, conferences, specialized discounts and more. You're never truly alone in your business when you have a whole network to lean on. 


Year Three

After the "start-up" phase we've recognized that franchise partners will want to scale up their business. This may involve hiring additional staff, technology adaptations or process modifications to accommodate. Your home office team is constantly working behind the scenes to find the best technology, strategic marketing campaigns and meeting with franchisees to provide solutions for however you want to grow!


Year Five

The possibilities are endless when you align yourself with community of strong entrepreneurs, a premium brand and some great coaching along the way. We've seen our franchisees become #1 in several markets across Canada which have opened opportunities to partner with organizations, be well renowned within their communities and be recognized for their business across our network.

Recession Resistant

Did you know that the term 'landlord' comes from medieval times? Property Management has been around for over 2000 years and is continuing to grow. Property Management in modern times is now a +$10 Billion industry that shows no signs of slowing down. There will always be a need for housing in Canada no matter the economy.

Emerging Brand

Our brand has stood the test of time. With over 400 locations in the US, and nearly 30 in Canada, we are just getting started! With many territories available and many real estate investors across Canada there really is no better time to get started. Reach out to us today to find out if your market is available.

National Presence

There are RPM offices found in various parts of Canada which is something that real estate investors are looking for. With many large cities in Canada reaching over $1 Million in average home price these investors are looking elsewhere. Be able to service customers within your own market while relying on expected customer service to any referrals within the RPM network.

There's Never Been a Better Time Than Now

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