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Aaron and Treena Piva named Real Property Management’s Franchisee of the Year!

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Real Property Management Executives in Kelowna, B.C., owned by Aaron and Treena Piva, have been recognized as Real Property Management’s Franchisee of the Year.

The award recognizes tenured franchisees that demonstrate continued strategic planning with a focus on achieving measurable success through consistent growth and promotion of the RPM brand.

“We congratulate Aaron, Treena and the rest of their team on their amazing accomplishments, they have had a year of significant change as well as growth year-over-year. Not only are they valuable members of the RPM network but are highly revered in their local community because of their volunteering and active involvement with other local businesses. They consistently promote the RPM name wherever they go, are innovative and not afraid to move out of their comfort zone to grow.” says Carla Browne, president of Real Property Management LP. “

Browne adds, “They have become good friends to many of us in the Real Property Management organization and truly display all the traits we look for in an RPM franchise.”

Real Property Management is the largest residential property management company in North America.



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