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Celebrating Collaboration and Leadership: RPM's FAC Enters its Second Year

As Real Property Management embarks on the second year of our Franchise Advisory Council (FAC), we're filled with a sense of pride and anticipation. This council, which emerged from our first Real PM Summit, has become a cornerstone of our commitment to ensuring every voice within our network is heard and valued.

The FAC's Journey:

Since its inception, the FAC has been instrumental in fostering a culture of open communication and collaborative decision-making between our franchisees and the RPM Canada Home Office. As we welcome new members and celebrate those continuing their journey, we're reminded of the council's vital role in our network's growth and success.

Introducing Our FAC Representatives:

Our FAC is comprised of dedicated individuals from across the country, each bringing unique insights and experiences:

  • Representing the Western region (BC) is Treena Carson-Piva from RPM Executives, who also serves as our esteemed Chairperson.

  • In the Central region (AB, SK, MB), we have the expertise of Arshad Rashed from RPM Bravo and Louis Lim from RPM Results.

  • And for the East (ON, QU), we're supported by Tyler Cooze from RPM Riverview and Jason McGuire from RPM Service.

These members, both new and returning, are not just representatives; they are advocates and leaders within our community.

The FAC's Impact and Vision:

In its first year, the FAC has significantly influenced our network, providing valuable feedback and insights that have shaped policies and strategies. This collaborative approach underscores that being part of RPM's franchise network means enhancing the power of your individual voice. The FAC ensures that our franchisees are integral to our network's direction and achievements.

Looking Ahead:

As we continue into the FAC's second year, expect more dynamic interactions in our monthly network calls and round-up emails. These are more than just informational sessions; they are platforms for engagement, discussion, and the exchange of ideas that drive our network forward.

Chiyoko Kakino, RPM Executive Vice President, shares her enthusiasm: "I am very excited to work with the 2024 FAC members to ensure that our franchise partners are well supported and set up for future growth and success." This sentiment echoes our collective aspiration for a network that thrives on mutual support and shared ambition.

Two years into the FAC initiative, RPM stands as a network where collaboration and individual voices lead to collective success. We're not just a franchise network; we're a community where every member plays a crucial role in shaping our future.

Discover more about the empowering environment at Real Property Management and explore opportunities within our network by filling out our short contact form Join a community where your voice and leadership can truly make a difference.



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