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The 'Women in Leadership Series' Episode 2: Shaping the Future of Property Management

In the continuation of the Women in Leadership series, Chiyoko Kakino, Executive Vice President of Real Property Management (RPM) Canada, brings together a dynamic panel of women leaders to discuss the evolving landscape of leadership in property management. This second episode, featuring Joanne Rashed of Real Property Management Bravo and Century 21 Bravo in Calgary, Carla Browne of Real Property Management Professionals in Saskatoon, and Michelle Fong from the RPM home office team, dives deep into what it means to be a leader today and the skills needed for tomorrow.

Insights from Our Panelists:

  • Joanne Rashed, sharing her journey and leadership philosophy, highlights the importance of partnership and collaboration. "Running the company with my husband, I've learned the value of working together towards a common goal," Joanne expresses, emphasizing the blend of personal and professional growth in her leadership role.

  • Carla Browne speaks to her extensive experience in property management, reflecting on how leadership has evolved. "Leadership today is less about titles and more about leading by example," Carla notes, underscoring the shift from hierarchical to collaborative leadership styles that empower teams and foster innovation.

  • Michelle Fong discusses her path from an administrative position to a leadership role, stressing the importance of mentorship and support. "Being surrounded by strong women leaders has shaped my approach, making me a firm believer in leading with empathy and understanding," Michelle shares, highlighting the transformative impact of role models in her career.

Key Leadership Skills for the Future:

The panel unanimously agrees on the critical skills for effective leadership in property management: communication, active listening, compassion, and the ability to inspire hope. These skills, they argue, are vital in managing the diverse needs of teams, clients, and the industry at large.

Challenges and Evolution of Leadership:

Facing challenges head-on and evolving their leadership styles have been pivotal for each panelist. From managing diverse personalities to having honest conversations and making tough decisions, Joanne, Carla, and Michelle share how these experiences have shaped them into the leaders they are today.

Leadership Styles and Personal Growth:

Each leader describes their unique style—ranging from coaching to collaborative and people-first approaches. They reflect on the influences that have shaped their leadership journeys and the qualities they admire in others, such as determination, nurturing, and understanding.

Advice for Aspiring Leaders:

To young women aspiring to leadership positions, the panelists offered words of wisdom: believe in yourself, embrace challenges, and always be open to learning from mistakes. "Walk with confidence, be kind, and never forget to listen to your gut," Joanne advises, encapsulating the essence of leadership growth and self-belief.

In episode two of the Women in Leadership series, Joanne, Carla, and Michelle provide a rich tapestry of insights, experiences, and advice, shedding light on the evolving dynamics of leadership in property management. Their stories not only celebrate the unique strengths women bring to leadership roles but also highlight the essential skills needed for future success. As we look ahead, the series continues to inspire and illuminate the path for the next generation of female leaders in the property management industry and beyond.

Watch episode two of the 'Women in Leadership' series now on demand here: and stay tuned for more empowering stories from remarkable female leaders throughout March.



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