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The 'Women in Leadership Series' Celebrating RPM's Powerful Female Leaders

In celebration of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, Real Property Management (RPM) launched the Women in Leadership series to showcase the invaluable contributions of women within our franchise network and corporate leadership team. Our first session, led by Chiyoko Kakino, EVP, featured the inspiring journeys of Treena Carson-Piva, Erin Cooze, and Sandy Deo—women who have redefined leadership through adaptability, empathy, and innovative problem-solving.

Key Takeaways from Our Leaders

Treena Carson-Piva, co-owner of Real Property Management Executives in Kelowna, BC, has perfected the art of attracting top talent and fostering an environment where innovation thrives. Her leadership is marked by a steadfast ability to remain calm and focused under pressure, ensuring her team and business stay relevant in a fast-evolving industry. Treena's approach emphasizes the importance of connection, showcasing her belief in creating spaces where new ideas and voices are heard and valued.

Erin Cooze, co-owner of Real Property Management Riverview in Sarnia, ON, shared that her journey to leadership was unconventional, stepping into a role with no prior experience and emerging as a beacon of empowerment and flexibility. Her leadership style underscores the significance of enabling her team to excel and adapting to the ever-changing market demands with ease. Erin has evolved from striving to please everyone to gaining confidence in her decisions, demonstrating the transformative power of believing in oneself and one's team.

Sandy Deo, Brand/Marketing Manager at Real Property Management Canada, highlights approachability and the ability to inspire as two traits every great leader should possess. Sandy focuses on maintaining positive team dynamics by encouraging curiosity and active listening, proving that effective leadership adapts to include diverse opinions and perspectives.

These stories not only underline the unique strengths women bring to leadership roles but also highlight essential skills for the future: active listening, adaptability, and visionary leadership. The session also tackled overcoming challenges such as imposter syndrome, showcasing personal growth and the influence of admired leaders in the industry. Be sure to check out the full conversation here: Watch episode 1

Why Women Excel in Property Management

Our new series illuminates why women make excellent property managers: with their natural inclination towards empathy, problem-solving, and the ability to drive change. These qualities, inherently strong in women, are key to effective leadership in the dynamic fields of property management and beyond.

Our REAL Dedication to Celebrating Female Leadership

At the helm of our Women in Leadership series is Chiyoko Kakino, RPM's Executive Vice President, whose vision for this interview series really shows her belief in the power of storytelling to inspire change. Her dedication to spotlighting female leaders within the RPM community and the broader property management industry stems from a commitment to not only celebrate the achievements of women but also to illuminate the path for future generations.

We believe that this exciting initiative showcases Real Property Management's commitment to creating and nurturing an environment where women's achievements are celebrated, and where women can thrive and lead, today and into the future.

Watch the first episode of the ‘Women in Leadership’ series now on demand at here and look out for more installments with more amazing female leaders coming throughout the month of March.



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