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The 'Women in Leadership Series' Episode 3: Pioneering Compassionate Leadership

In the third inspiring episode of the Women in Leadership series, Chiyoko Kakino, EVP of Real Property Management (RPM) in Canada, curates a discussion with Karen Luu owner of RPM Argos and Century 21 Argos in Calgary, Melissa Carter co-owner of RPM Hestia based in Waterloo, ON and Crystal Reich the Business Development Associate at RPM Canada’s corporate office —these three women exemplify leadership with a purpose.

Insights from Our Panelists:

  • Melissa shares not just a career shift from project to property management, but a mission-driven approach to her work. Melissa reveals, "We have a nonprofit foundation...that is the real reason that we do what we do." Her leadership extends beyond business success to making a real difference through charitable efforts, channeling profits into local charities to effect tangible change in the community. "It's looking beyond the problem and seeing the person behind the problem," she says, articulating the core of her empathetic leadership style.

  • Karen marks her seventh year in RPM, tracing her growth from hands-on involvement to adopting a visionary role. "To really call myself a leader... it was more about removing myself from the everyday function," she reflects, emphasizing the need for adaptability and a keen focus on the bigger picture.

  • Crystal has over a decade of experience in cultivating sales and franchise development. Her journey demonstrates the power of believing in and bolstering the entrepreneurial spirit. "I love working with entrepreneurs...and sharing their stories," she affirms, pointing to the unique strengths she brings to her role.

Leadership for Today and Tomorrow:

This discussion really spotlights the essential qualities of modern leadership—empathy, adaptability, and the courageous pursuit of passion, with each leader echoing the criticality of these traits.

Overcoming Challenges and Growth:

From conflict resolution to empowering teams, Karen, Melissa, and Crystal open up about the trials they've faced and the strategies that have helped them evolve into the leaders they are today.

Advice for Aspiring Leaders:

To those aiming for leadership roles, these women offer heartfelt guidance: embrace authenticity, pursue passion, and celebrate mistakes as a gateway to growth. "Don't be afraid of making mistakes," Melissa advises, encouraging future leaders to find strength in their experiences.

Episode three of the Women in Leadership series is a testament to how female leaders are shaping the future of property management with compassion, commitment, and an unwavering resolve to make a difference, both in business and through philanthropic efforts.

Discover more about the transformative power of leadership by watching episode three of the 'Women in Leadership' series, now available on demand here:



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