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Streamlining Maintenance Operations: The Benefits of a 24/7 Call Centre

Maintenance issues are a common and inevitable aspect of property ownership and can range from minor repairs to major overhauls. Property management companies, tenants, and rental property investors alike all have a vested interest in ensuring these issues are addressed in a timely and effective manner. A responsive maintenance process is essential to ensure that everyone involved benefits from a smooth and stress-free experience.

We are proud to say we will be rolling out of our new 24/7 maintenance centre to our RPM offices across Canada. Our new initiative will connect to our existing property management software, making it easier to log incidents and see the maintenance history of any managed property. This is one of many tools that allows our independently owned and operated franchise offices to provide exceptional service to their clients.

For the most part the current maintenance co-ordination systems that are commonly used by property management companies are reactive and often very manual. One of the benefits that our 24/7 maintenance centre has is, being able to leave the after-hour call 'merry-go-round' behind and instead operate smoother and see more effective results.

Just think of all the pain-points we will appease by providing a reliable, predictable and client focused maintenance experience to our property investors and tenants.


Having a responsive maintenance co-ordination process means they have peace of mind, knowing that their needs and concerns are recognised and with be addressed promptly. Having reliable and accessible maintenance at their fingertips 24/7 can make all the difference in ensuring their comfort and satisfaction. Remember happy tenants = long-term tenants!

Property Investors

A structured 24/7 maintenance centre means a minimized risk of potential property damage and can even reduce the amount of time that a property is unoccupied due to maintenance issues. In turn this can lead to increased rental income and higher property values.

Property Management Professionals

Having a robust maintenance co-ordination system not only benefits tenants and property investors, but it also benefits property managers. By having a reliable and efficient system in place, property management companies can provide a higher level of service to their clients, which can increase customer satisfaction and help to attract new business. Additionally, having a system that enables tenants to report maintenance issues and track the progress of their requests 24/7 can help to reduce the workload of property management staff, freeing up their time to focus on other important tasks. This can lead to increased productivity and more efficient use of resources.

If you run an existing property management company and are looking to scale, you don’t have to try and re-invent the wheel! Here at Real Property Management, with our sophisticated systems, innovative processes, professional support, and guidance, you'll have the tools and resources you need to achieve more in your business - reaching new heights of professional and personal fulfillment.

Interested in learning more about our 24/7 maintenance centre and the importance of efficient maintenance co-ordination? Check out this episode of the Canada's Property Management Podcast Click to listen

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