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Why Aren’t More Women in Franchising?

Being adaptable, flexible, able to lead and manage people, prioritize, delegate, communicate and work under pressure are all characteristics that make a successful franchisee.

We don’t need a study to confirm that women naturally have these qualities, they’ve been demonstrating it for generations with the management of families, communities, and finances. Women are compassionate by nature, have strong relationship building skills, are fiscally conservative and make decisions after listening, learning and evaluating the options.

3 Key Benefits of Franchising for Women

  1. Franchising gives women the opportunity to be their own boss while having the support and systems offered by a franchisor.

  2. Franchising reduces the gender pay gap that still exists in the corporate environment.

  3. Franchising often affords women a better work/life balance than traditional careers offer. The franchise model gives women more flexibility over their schedules than working as an employee for another company.

So WHY don’t we see more females leaning into their gifts and pursuing a career as a franchise owner?

While there has been a significant increase in the number of women taking up franchising in industries like travel and hospitality, child education, health and fitness, there are still certain industries where women are underrepresented. Particularly in male-dominated fields such as property management.

Some factors preventing women from entering male-dominated sectors include unconscious biases, societal norms, lack of exposure to these sectors, time, and capital constraints.

The franchise success system at Real Property Management challenges these barriers to entry by providing:

  1. A proven business model and support network

  2. Training and onboarding to learn the business and the systems

  3. Ongoing support and safe connections to role models and mentors already in the system

  4. Access to innovative technology

  5. Strategic marketing and the power of a recognized and trusted brand

  6. The feeling of stability, understanding that you are part of something bigger

  7. A low cost of entry

Being a good property manager means being great at customer service. Our franchisees understand and commit to creating a culture of trust and respect that leads to long-term relationships. Women in property management franchising have a unique opportunity to take advantage of their innate abilities to really thrive in this industry.

The Future is Female

As the number of women in franchising continues to grow, they will start to serve as role models for other women who may be considering entering the industry. By breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes, women can inspire others to pursue their dreams and achieve success in male-dominated fields like property management.

Women-owned franchises have a higher success rate than the industry average, highlighting the value that women bring to the table in the franchising industry.

Real Property Management Canada is committed to developing coaching and mentorship programs, networking opportunities and access to resources for success. There are some incredible women currently in our franchise system. With our continued efforts to support and encourage women, the franchising industry will become more inclusive and diverse, and we are here for it!

Join our franchise family today and discover a rewarding career in the property management industry.



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